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Solve Common Cat Behavior Problems & Should a Dog Be “Heeling” or Not When Walking

In this week’s creature feature stories, hear about two dogs who volunteered for the postal service and loved their work.

Do you wonder how you can stop your cat from doing certain things like biting or wrecking your furniture with their constant scratching? Pam Johnson-Bennett, a certified cat behavior consultant is one of the foremost experts on cat behavior and she has answers today about why cats do what they do and how to solve some of the most common behavior problems.

Does your dog know how to heel when out walking with you? I never taught my dog Rosy to do this but I’ve wondered should I teach the command?  And does the dog need to heel the whole time?  In this episode, I’ll tell you where this command originated and talk about the importance of a dog walking nicely beside you on a loose leash but that making a dog heel for the whole walk is not in the best interest of your dog’s mental and physical well-being and happiness.

In the next episode, I’ll tell you what is considered to be the best game ever for dogs.

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Additional Resources for the show.

Source for the creature feature stories – “Amazing but True Dog Tales” by Bruce Nash and Allan Zullo.  

Pam Johnson-Bennett’s website: Cat Behavior Associates.

To order “Think like a Cat” and Pam’s other books about cat behavior.

Source for the story about dog’s heeling – “30 Days to a Well-Mannered Dog” by Tamar Geller.

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