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Stephen Strom brings the energy, passion, and knowledge of Minnesota sports all the way from the East Coast. Strom inherited his love for Minnesota sports from his father who is from the Minneapolis area. 

Raised in New Jersey, Strom has the ability to entertain but also inform as an ex-college basketball player at Kean University. Post basketball, he was an intern at SiriusXM specifically for Mad Dog Sports Radio. Strom was groomed from the tutelage of Chris “Mad Dog” Russo and other hosts within the station.

A graduate of Kean University, the 22-year-old not only hosts a show on the network but also works at SiriusXM as a producer, and does color commentary for the Princeton University men’s basketball team.

Strom brings the juice every show and is ready to debate any Minnesota or worldwide sports topic. The show has also featured guests such as Cedric Maxwell, Howard Beck, Greg Coleman, and much more! Be sure to tune in every Sunday on

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Use promo code “STROM” for $10 free!

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