The Go Gopher Podcast with Mike Grimm from Aquarius Home Services Studio

Mike Grimm has been the “Voice of the Gophers” for men’s basketball since 2006 and for football since 2011. His voice resonates as the soundtrack for thousands of Gopher fans who have become accustomed to hearing him holler “Touchdown Minnesota Golden Gophers!” into the microphone. Grimm has his finger on the pulse of Gopher sports and brings an insightful and unique perspective to listeners. If it is compelling Gopher content you want, then “Go Gopher Podcast” with Mike Grimm is the podcast for you.

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  • Terry Jeddeloh · January 18, 2023

    Wish you would have asked about his plans to replace CC, Wenass and Booth? Did Wenass and Booth even meet with him before entering the portal? Big losses for this program right off the bat.

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